Let your pupils unleash their creative talents at our LEGO® Education Innovation Studio.

The Innovation Studio provides exciting, creative and fun educational activities for pupils from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5.

Begin by building your model, then use our intuitive and fun software to program it to do all sorts of amazing things.

LEGO workshops typically last around 90 minutes, so we recommend between 3½ and 4 hours for the whole visit, to allow time for your pupils to use the rest of the centre.

To find out more about these new activities, or to make a booking, email or call 01978 293400.


  • The Dancing Birds
    Available for | Key Stage 1 |
    During this hands-on workshop the children will use LEGO to build two birds then discover how to program them to dance.
    Working in teams, the children follow visual instructions to build their dancing birds and begin to recognise how each part of their design works. Using investigation skills the children can then find out how to make the birds spin in different ways by changing the position of the belt around the two pulleys.
  • The Roaring Lion
    Available for | Key Stage 2 |
    During this hands-on workshop the children will use LEGO Education’s WeDo to build a ‘Roaring Lion’.
    Using investigation skills, the children can find out how to make the Roaring lion do a variety of actions with the aid of a computer program. [i]Suitable for years 3 and 4.[/i]
  • Spinning Top
    Available for | Key Stage 2 |
    As part of this hands-on workshop, you will use the LEGO Education WeDo kits to design, build and program a spinning top. Discover how small changes can have a big effect!
    Work in a team to discover how changing the height, width and mass of a spinning top effects the length of time it spins and the direction it spins in. Program your spinner to recognise motion or sounds, and you can even program it to make different noises! [i]Suitable for years 5 and 6.[/i]
  • Drumming Monkey
    Available for | Key Stage 2 |
    This hands-on workshop uses the LEGO Education WeDo kits to enable students to build and program a drumming monkey.
    Both the build and program can be modified, allowing students to work beyond the main activity and develop their own drumming rhythm. [i]Suitable for years 5 and 6.[/i]
  • Hungry Alligator
    Available for | Key Stage 1 |
    Pupils will find out how mechanisms work together to make their alligator’s mouth open and close.
    Pupils can explore how to make the alligator eat by pressing a button or by responding to movement in front of a sensor.


The following workshops can be tailored to your pupils’ ages or ability levels.

  • Computer Programming
    A truly hands-on introduction to computer programming!
    You will explore the fundamentals and see your programs brought to life in real-time through the intelligent LEGO NXT rovers.
  • Don’t Hit the LEGO Man
    Pupils work together to program a robot vehicle to stop before it runs over our hapless volunteer!
    This workshop investigates the various ways of controlling motor function, basic programming, how many solutions can be found to the same problem (each with their own pros and cons) and provides an example of real-world robotics.
  • Mission to Titan
    This workshop focuses on autonomous mobile robotics placed within the context of a space mission.
    Through experimenting with scale maps, careful programming, intelligent sensors and construction, you will explore your options to tackle the Titan landscape with your rover.

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