National Science Academy

North and mid Wales

NSA Engagements

Here is a selection of what has been achieved through the north and mid-Wales hub of the National Science Academy to date. We have:

  1. Delivered activities to students, including:
    • 1,207 engagements since becoming an NSA hub
    • 213 students taking part in multiple workshops as part of a CSI experience
    • 254 students in solar power workshops
    • 360 students in StarDome shows
    • 184 students in CellDome shows
  2. Worked with the following industrial partners to introduce students to STEM careers:
    • UPM Shotton Paper
    • The Environment Agency
    • Cadbury’s
    • Toyota
    • Scottish & Southern Electricity
    • Energy Island and Wylfa
    • + many agreements for future partnerships
  3. Organised and supported many STEM events across the region, including:
    • March: Sustainable Energy and Environment day, Glyndŵr University
    • June: Friar’s STEM day (Providing support and training to teachers)
    • June: Glyndŵr University STEM day
    • July: Machynlleth STEM day
    • July: Llanfaircaerienion STEM day
    • July: Amlwch STEM day
    • July: Holywell STEM day
    • July: Toyota ECO day (with TQG activities)
    • July: HE STEM Solar Car Challenge, leading to 84 CREST Awards to students
    • August: National Eisteddfod
    • November: Bloodhound SSC presence at Wrexham Science Festival event
    • November: Astronomy Club launches to the public
    • December: Robotics Week for pupils and general public
    • December: LEGO® Education Innovation Studio opens
  4. Developed the following new activities for students:


Lesley Griffiths

The National Science Academy (NSA) has been established in Wales to help deliver a stronger, more sustainable and resilient economy for Wales.

The Academy, a commitment under the One Wales agreement, was given the go-ahead by Lesley Griffiths, then Deputy Minister for Science, Innovation and Skills.

Techniquest Glyndwr’s role as the north and mid-Wales hub of the NSA is to promote the take up of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) at all levels. This is to ensure that Wales has a continuous pipeline of people graduating from colleges and universities with the appropriate qualifications and skills.

This will be achieved through delivering our activities to sixth form and college students in conjunction with regional industrial partners and STEM Ambassadors.