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New Astronomy Club at TQG

Tuesday, 29th November 2011

On Thursday 3rd November the launch of the Astronomy Club was very well attended by members who enjoyed planetarium shows, making planispheres and using telescopes and binoculars for stargazing when conditions permitted.

Expert astronomy guides were on-hand to discuss the types of telescopes available, how to use stargazing software and pictures taken using a wide range of terrestrial and space telescopes.

The competition to guess the number of galaxies in a picture of the Hubble Deep Field produced one winner with the closest guess of 3,000 and a prize “constellation” umbrella.

The second club, held on the 29th November, took advantage of the excellent facilities at Northop Campus combined with the benefit of reduced light pollution in a rural environment. Using both telescopes and binoculars, members were able to observe the Moon, Jupiter and her moons, the Andromeda Galaxy and Liverpool Cathedrals.

Children’s activities included origami star making and space crosswords and word searches, and adults particularly appreciated the talk on “The Universe So Far” — an engaging and enlightening description of the physical principles and evidence supporting the Big Bang theory.

An additional dome show was added for the evening and the competition to “Draw a scale size Earth to the Sun” poster displayed, produced four winners with results closest to the 0.45cm diameter required and each received a book prize entitled “Stargazing with Binoculars”.